Sound Analysis


The U1 has good sub-bass quantity and it commands fine extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a captivating approach which provides an engaging listen. The bass decay is quick while the bass texture is rendered in a moderately smooth manner. Each bass note is expressed with a controlled and impactful hit. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the delivery of slam has pace. The bass performance has good punch.


The midrange is exciting and it boasts moderate transparency level. The vocals are expressed in a clear and defined manner. The lower mids has moderate quantity and there are no signs of hollow feeling. Male vocals are expressed nicely. The upper mids has a slight boost and the forwardness improves the intimacy level of female vocals. The vocals reproduction is sweet and the details retrieval is good.


The treble is extended moderately with no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is good and there is an airy feeling. Treble articulation is precise. The crisp is fairly defined and there is some sparkle. The details retrieval is good and the treble presentation has the control to prevent it from sounding too aggressive. There is a good overall balance.


There is natural expansion in its stage. The width magnitude is good. The depth is not closed in with an effective amount of space rendered.

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