Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has similar quantity and there is a slight increase in the extension. The sub-bass reproduction is more clinical and boasts greater agility. Each bass note is articulated with a higher level of finesse. The bass decay experiences more pace and it results in additional engagement. There is a cleaner rendition with better control. There is a lift in the tightness of the bass reproduction. The mid-bass has a slight increase in its body and the slam is expressed in a fuller manner. The overall bass performance experiences an increase in the technical aspect.


The midrange boasts a higher level of transparency which contributes to a clear and revealing presentation. The vocals are expressed in a clean manner without being too aggressive. The lower mids has similar quantity and male vocals are expressed well without sounding thick or thin. The upper mids is boosted with the forwardness elevating the intimacy level of female vocals. There is an increase in the midrange definition and it does vocals justice.


The treble has an increase in its smoothness and it improves with better extension. The treble expression is detailed with an accurate articulation. The crisp is more defined and there is a greater amount of air rendered. The additional sparkle from the Redcore radiates energy and there is a lively yet controlled treble presentation. There are no signs of aggression which contributes to a high enjoyment level.


The soundstage expands more naturally and it is able to give an open feeling. The width magnitude increases while the depth is slightly more closed in which gives an intimate vocals listen. Positioning of vocals and instruments has excellent precision.


The Redcore is a musical sounding hybrid cable that is able to provide a tighter bass reproduction, forward midrange and smooth treble. There is a controlled and clean sonic performance. In addition, it has solid build quality and comes with an exquisite Furutech jack. The Han Sound Redcore is an excellent cable that demonstrates great musicality and creates a delightful listen.