Sound Analysis


The BL1 has great sub-bass quantity and the sub-bass is extended well. The sub-bass reproduction has good rumble which provides an engaging experience. The bass texture is rendered with moderate smoothness and it boasts quick bass decay. The speed contributes to an incisive performance. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the slam is expressed with agility. There is impactful punch throughout without overpowering the overall sound.


The midrange has a tinge of warmth and it boasts good transparency level. There is a good balance and it is neither thick nor thin. The vocals reproduction is clear and packs details. The lower mids has moderate quantity and male vocals are expressed with lushness. The upper mids has little forwardness and female vocals are not as intimate. There is some harshness at times which provides a teasing bite.


The treble has moderate extension and the articulation is quite precise. The treble presentation is natural and it packs details. The crisp is well-defined and there is sparkle to inject excitement into the sound with a good amount of air rendered. The treble demonstrates great definition.


The BL1 has a natural expansion for its soundstage with good width magnitude. The depth offers a good amount of space without being too closed in. There is an open feeling. Positioning of vocals and instruments is rather precise.

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