Sound Analysis (Balanced Mode)


The TSMR-3 has moderate sub-bass quantity with a fair extension. The sub-bass reproduction is smooth and the rumble is expressed naturally. The execution shows great finesse which helps to keep the bass under control. The bass texture is rendered smoothly and the bass decay is not the fastest. Each bass note is articulated with a good balance of weight and impact. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the slam is delivered aptly. It is musical to listen to.


The midrange is presented in a lush manner and vocals are sweet to listen to. Emotions conveyed effectively. It is rendered cleanly and the transparency has a moderate level. The lower mids has moderate quantity with no signs of hollowness. Male vocals are being expressed naturally. The upper mids is boosted slightly and female vocals are displayed in a pleasant manner with no shouty feeling. The midrange is luscious and creates a composed vocals performance.


The treble is extended well and there is no sibilance and harshness. The presentation is smooth and it provides a fatigue-free listening session. There is little sparkle and the amount of air rendered is good. The crisp is well-defined and it is not overemphasized. Treble is articulated cleanly with body. The smooth approach contributes to a relaxing listen.


The soundstage has a natural expansion in its width . The width magnitude is moderate and the depth is not closed in with a good amount of space offered. Positioning of vocals and instruments is quite accurate.


There are 3 switches for lows, mids and highs which provides a total of 7 different sound signatures.

3 main modes:

  • Bass (Up, Down, Down)
  • Balanced (Down, Up, Down)
  • Treble (Down, Down, Up)

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