DAC/AMP Build & Design

The xDSD has a rectangular design and it is gun-metal in colour. It sports a wavy appearance. At the top of the xDSD, there are 3.5mm standard headphone output jack, LED indicators, switch for 3D+® Matrix/XBass+® and main power switch which functions as a volume wheel too. At the left side, there is a Hi-Res Audio sticker. At the bottom of the xDSD, there are Micro USB charging port, filter switch, USB input port and S/PDIF input port. There are 4 rubber feet at the back of the xDSD.





The xDSD can be used in both wired (USB or S/PDIF) and wireless modes. There are headphone and line output modes. Moreover, there are implementations of 3D+® Matrix and XBass+® which helps to improve the soundstage and bass respectively. The digital filters are Measure and Listen which provides a detailed and  listening experience respectively.



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