Sound Analysis


The xDSD has good sub-bass quantity and it is able to extend fairly. The rumble is expressed naturally. Bass decay has moderate speed while the bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. Each bass note on the xDSD is articulated with finesse and the hit is controlled without any signs of aggression. The mid-bass has great quantity which helps to create a full-bodied slam. The bass demonstrates smoothness and gives a satisfying listen.


The midrange is enjoyable and it is able to create a strong vocals performance. There is nice intimacy shown. The xDSD is able to execute the midrange with richness and it elevates the vocals. There is good body with moderate transparency level. The lower mids has a moderate amount of body and this helps to convey male vocals well without any signs of dryness and hollowness. The upper mids has slight forwardness which results in a boost for female vocals. The midrange has a good balance of musicality and technicality.


The treble is extended well with no sibilance and harshness. There is body which contributes in a smooth presentation. Treble articulation is accurate and the amount of air rendered has a fair amount which helps to provide space at the top end. There is moderate crisp and sparkle. The treble presentation is detailed and controlled for a fatigue-free listening session.


The xDSD provides a natural expansion in its soundstage. The width magnitude is fair while the depth is slightly closed in. Positioning of vocals and instruments is quite accurate.


The xDSD is a musical sounding DAC/AMP that is able to provide a smooth listen. The vocals performance benefits greatly with intimacy. In addition, it can be used in both wired and wireless modes. There are implementations of iFi’s 3D+®  and XBass+® which helps to improve the soundstage and bass respectively. The iFi xDSD is an enjoyable DAC/AMP that is convenient to use and boasts many functionalities.