Sound Analysis (OCC Copper Cable Pairing)


The Masya Pro has good sub-bass quantity and the extension is great. The sub-bass reproduction is agile with nice rumble. The bass decay is rather quick which contributes to the overall engagement level. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has a fair amount of body and the slam is delivered in an unoffensive manner. The execution showcases finesse with a moderate punch and there are no signs of aggression.


The Masya Pro has a smooth and intimate midrange which provides an alluring listen without compromising on the vibrance. Vocals are expressed well with effective conveying of emotions. The lower mids has fair quantity and male vocals are expressed without any signs of dryness or hollowness. The upper mids has forwardness for female vocals to shine with intimacy present. The details are expressed effortlessly.


The treble has good extension and the presentation is rendered in a smooth manner. The Masya Pro showcases good clarity with no sibilance and harshness. The control creates a non-fatiguing and relaxing listen. The crisp has moderate definition with some sparkle. The presentation has sufficient amount of air to provide space at the top end without sounding too dense. It provides an enjoyable session.


The Masya Pro expands naturally for its soundstage and the width magnitude is good which provides an open feeling. The depth is not closed in with space rendered. Positioning of vocals and instruments is accurate.

Silver-Plated Copper Cable Pairing

There is less sub-bass quantity with quicker bass decay. The mid-bass has less weight and it is more agile. Each bass note is articulated in a more clinical manner. The midrange has higher transparency level with reduced lushness. The lower mids has less quantity and the upper mids is slightly less forward. In the treble section, there is an increase in the amount of air and the sparkle is more apparent. The crisp has slightly better definition. Lastly, for the soundstage, expansion is rendered quite naturally for both. There is greater width magnitude with better depth.

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