Sound Analysis


The NF-3U has a fair amount of sub-bass quantity and it is extended well. The sub-bass reproduction on the NF-3U is able to provide sufficient impact and the rumble is moderate. Bass decay is quick and the bass texture is rendered in a relatively smooth manner. The mid-bass has little quantity which contributes to an incisive slam. Each bass note is articulated in a clinical manner with authority.


The midrange of the NF-3U has a high level of details retrievals and the transparency level is great. It is rendered in a clean manner with a suitable amount of body. The lower mids has fair quantity and male vocals are expressed in a lean approach. There are no signs of them sounding hollow or dry. The upper mids has a slight boost and this is where the NF-3U shines with an outstanding female vocals performance.


The treble on the NF-3U has excellent extension and articulation is accurate. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble has moderate body and the amount of air rendered is great which contributes to an airy feeling at the top end. The crisp is well defined and comes with moderate sparkle for extra liveliness. The presentation is clinical and showcases its technical prowess well.


The NF-3U expands its soundstage in a natural manner. The width magnitude is good with no signs of congestion. The depth has space rendered and it does not feel closed in. There is an open feeling.

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