Sound Analysis


The King II has good sub-bass quantity and it is able to extend well with depth. The sub-bass reproduction is agile and the expression showcases tight control. The rumble is natural. Each bass note is being articulated with authority and delivers a nice punch. The bass decay is quick with the extra agility contributing to a higher engagement level. The bass texture is rendered in a generally smooth manner. The mid-bass has a fair amount of body and the slam is presented with liveliness. The bass performance provides an engaging experience without any signs of overpowering.


The midrange is the star of the show as it rendered cleanly with details and boasts good transparency level. Emotions are conveyed effectively. The lower mids has moderate quantity and male vocals are expressed with presence. The upper mids has a nice boost and the forwardness adds intimacy. Female vocals are presented in an alluring manner. The execution of the midrange is great and it delivers with a detailed vocals display.


The treble has good extension and there is a lively presentation.There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is fair and this helps to reduce congestion. The King II expresses details well in a fatigue-free approach without compromising on the vibrancy. The crisp is defined and there is some sparkle to inject excitement. The King II’s treble is clean and engaging.


The King II has a natural expansion. The width magnitude is good and the depth is slightly closed in. This complements the midrange well. Positioning of vocals and instruments is accurate.

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