Sound Analysis


The DX120 has good sub-bass quantity and it is extended with depth. The sub-bass reproduction is tight and controlled. There is an impactful punch and the rumble creates an engaging bass performance. The mid-bass on the DX120 has a fair amount which contributes to the expression of the slam in an agile manner. The bass decay is moderately quick and the bass texture is rendered smoothly. The bass reproduction is able to provide a captivating sound.


The DX120 has a detailed midrange and it is rendered in a clean manner with good transparency level. The vocals are expressed in a clean manner. The lower midrange has moderate quantity and male vocals are presented fairly with presence. The upper midrange has slight forwardness which helps to express female vocals in a sweet manner without being too intimate. There is a clear midrange display from the DX120 which does vocals justice.


The treble is extended well with energy. The presentation is clean with a good balance of body and energy. There is boosted clarity and the articulation is precise. With some sparkle, this helps to liven up the top end with effervescence. There are no signs of aggression as the treble is controlled. There is an airy feeling which helps to prevent feeling too closed in. The treble performance on the DX120 is brimmed with vibrancy and provides an appealing listen.


The DX120 expands naturally for its soundstage. There is great width magnitude which helps to enhance the positioning of vocals and instruments. The depth is good space with space at the top end. There is a holographic presentation.

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