Sound Analysis


The King Ltd has good sub-bass quantity with a fair extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides an engaging rumble. The bass texture on the King Ltd is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass has fair body and it contributes to the delivery of the slam. The slam is expressed with reduced agility but still impactful. There is a controlled punch from the King Ltd. Each bass note is articulated with a robust hit.


The midrange is presented with moderate transparency level. It has a good amount of body and there is a clean vocals expression. The lower midrange has a fair amount of body and male vocals are expressed with less presence. The upper midrange has a boost and the forwardness results in a more intimate female vocals listen. There is control to prevent any signs of aggression. The vocals are executed smoothly.


The treble is expressed in a more laid-back manner and it boasts good extension. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble expression has reasonable brightness with a fair amount of body. The crisp is rather well-defined with little sparkle. The King Ltd has a reasonable volume of air which helps to offers some space at the top end. There are no signs of congestion.


There is a natural expansion in its soundstage with average width magnitude. The depth is slightly closed in for a higher intimacy level. Positioning of vocals and instruments is acceptable.

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