Sound Analysis


The OH1 has good sub-bass quantity and it is able to showcase fine extension. The sub-bass reproduction is expressed smoothly with a natural rumble. Each bass note is articulated with a controlled hit without any signs of aggression. The bass decay has moderate speed. The bass texture is rendered well in an effortless manner. The mid-bass has nice body and the slam is delivered with strength. The overall bass performance is full-bodied with good impact and control.


The midrange is expressed in a smooth manner with body. The vocals reproduction showcases good finesse with a moderate transparency level. Emotions are conveyed well. The lower midrange has good quantity and there is a lush expression of male vocals. The upper midrange is elevated slightly and female vocals are presented competently with control. The intimacy level is moderate. The execution exhibits a soothing midrange performance that delivers silky smooth vocals without any signs of aggression.


The treble is extended moderately with a smooth presentation. There is no sibilance and harshness. The crisp is well-defined with little sparkle. The treble presentation is controlled and it is not aggressive. The amount air rendered helps to provide space at the top end which ensures minimal congestion. Details are showcased well with a fatigue-free listen. The overall expression is smooth and detailed.


The OH1 has a natural expansion in its stage. The width magnitude is moderate with fair positioning of vocals and instruments. There is good depth to prevent any signs of being too closed in.

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