Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has slightly more quantity and the extension is improved a little. The sub-bass reproduction has a fuller performance with a satisfying rumble that captivates listeners. The mid-bass has less body and the slam is delivered with agility. The bass decay has greater speed. Bass texture is rendered with additional smoothness. There is a tighter bass expression. Each bass note is articulated with a stronger hit and impact is brought out well.


The midrange has additional body and there is improved lushness. There is a higher level of details retrieval. The lower midrange is slightly thicker and male vocals are presented with more presence. The upper midrange has a boost and this forwardness creates a more intimate female vocals expression. There is a controlled and fuller midrange presentation. Emotions are conveyed in an effortless manner.


The treble boasts slightly greater extension and there is a brighter showing. The crisp improves well with added sparkle. The amount of air rendered increases moderately and offers more space at the top end. The treble showcases great finesse and it is not overly aggressive. The level of details retrieval improves a little. The treble expression has a good balance of liveliness and control with a fatigue-free listen.


There is a more natural stage expansion. The width has a large increase in its magnitude. There is slightly greater depth. Positioning of vocals and instruments has a higher accuracy. There is a holographic feeling overall.


The Draco is a grandiose sounding cable that is able to provide a stronger bass expression, intimate midrange and crisp treble. The soundstage provides a holographic feeling. There is a tighter sound with greater punch. In addition, jade is used in the cable components. The Penon Draco has an engaging yet controlled display and it helps to enhance the overall sound.