IEM Build & Design

The Bevi has black shells. There is the brand logo printed at the back of each shell. The shell is made of metal and there is the brand name printed on it. The nozzle is straight with no metal mesh. The iem has no detachable cable and it is lightweight.


photo_2019-03-08_23-29-21 (2)


Cable Build & Design

The cable is black in color and it is not braided. There is strain relief on each side. There are L & R markings on the bottom & strain relief of the left and right shells respectively. There is a dot on the left strain relief too. It has microphone on the right. The cable has no chin-slider. The y-splitter has a black circular housing which sports the model name. Lastly, the jack is 3.5mm straight gold plated with strain relief and the housing is black in color too.


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