Sound Analysis


The Bevi extends it sub-bass extension fairly with little quantity. The sub-bass reproduction is not full-bodied and the rumble is insufficient. The bass decay is quick and it provides a speedy performance. The bass texture is rendered with slight smoothness. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and it is delivered with a precise slam but lacking the authority. Each bass note is articulated clearly. The polite presentation is not fatiguing to listen to.


The midrange is expressed in a lean and detailed manner. There is good transparency level. The lower midrange is slightly thin and the lack of body results in reduced lushness for male vocals. The upper midrange is boosted and female vocals are more present. The forwardness creates an intimate listen clear definition. The midrange is not over-emphasized and there is a clean overall presentation.


The treble is extended well and it has a moderate level of details retrieval with no sibilance and harshness. The expression is controlled and it is not very aggressive. The combination of body and air provides a light feeling at the top end. There is moderate definition. There is some sparkle to inject liveliness. The overall treble presentation is engaging and controlled.


The Bevi has a fair expansion and the width magnitude is moderate. There is good depth and it provides sufficient headroom. Positioning of vocals and instruments is fairly accurate.

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