Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


There is similar sub-bass quantity with greater extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides more rumble. There is a tighter presentation with each bass note being articulated with definition and precision. The bass decay is enhanced and the additional pace creates an agile expression which lifts the engagement level. The bass texture is rendered with similar smoothness. The mid-bass is less weighted and the delivery of the slam comes with an addictive punch. The bass performance is engaging and incisive with improved tightness.


The midrange has better transparency level with a higher level of details retrieval. There is more energy present. The lower midrange has similar quantity and male vocals are maintained well without sounding lean. The upper midrange has greater emphasis and the additional forwardness elevates the intimacy level of female vocals. There is more liveliness and it creates an appealing vocals performance.


The treble extends greatly with no sibilance and harshness.The amount of air rendered is boosted which it helps to create an open presentation. The treble articulation commands a higher level of precision. The additional sparkle creates a vibrant feeling which is extremely engaging. The crisp has more definition. The treble expression is airy yet controlled and provides an alluring listen.


The soundstage expands well with a clean feeling. The width magnitude improves significantly and coupled with increased depth, there is a holographic feeling. It is spacious and provides an immersive experience. Positioning of vocals and instruments has a higher level of accuracy.


The Tri-Silver is a lively sounding cable that is made of pure silver, gold-plated silver, and palladium-plated silver. It is able to provide an incisive bass expression, forward midrange and engaging treble. The soundstage provides a holographic feeling. In addition, it has excellent build quality and comes with visually appealing components. The Plussound Tri-Silver is an outstanding cable that commands excellent definition and it delivers an extremely agile sonic performance.