Cable Build & Design

The cable is made of mono-crystal gold-silver alloy with shielding. It has a 2 core design. The 2 pins 0.78mm connectors on the cable have a silver housing. There is indication of left and right through the white and red rings on the surface of the housing respectively. There is a memory wire area section in which the cable is enclosed in an opaque black heat shrink tube. Moving down to the chin slider and y-splitter, they are gun-metal in colour. Further down, there is a y-splitter in gun-metal colour too.  Lastly, there are 2 Furutech jacks – 2.5mm balanced (CF-7254) and 3.5mm single ended (CF-735SM). Both utilize rhodium-plated alpha pure copper conductor and they have a silver housing with black carbon fibre design. The 2.5mm and 3.5mm functions as signal and ground respectively


Adapter Build & Design

The cable adapter wire is made of copper. Nobunaga Labs components are used. The jack is 4.4mm balanced straight and it has a black housing with the brand name.


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