Sound Analysis


The sub-bass increases slightly and the extension improves significantly. The sub-bass reproduction is tighter and the rumble is presented with additional naturalness. Bass texture is rendered in a smoother manner and the bass decay is reduced by a little. The mid-bass benefits with a more controlled delivery. Each bass note is articulated with excellent finesse. The bass is extended and controlled which gives rise to a satisfying yet impactful performance.


The midrange is imbued with a tinge of warmth and there is better details retrieval. The transparency level improves and there is enhanced focus. The lower midrange increases by a little which male vocals retain the body yet there is presence. The upper midrange has similar forwardness with an emotional female vocals performance. The midrange experiences a lift in definition and there is a soothing display of vocals.


The treble improves its extension and extra smoothness is brought out. The amount of air rendered increases and the crisp is retained. The sparkle is controlled without any hints of aggression. Treble articulation has a higher precision level. With a combination of enhanced details retrieval and additional smoothness, the treble is enjoyable and non-fatiguing. The detailed yet soothing display is expressed effortlessly.


The expansion in the soundstage is more natural. The width magnitude experiences an improvement. The depth is less closed in. There is a controlled and enveloping feeling for an immersive experience. Positioning of instruments and vocals has extremely high accuracy.


The Venom is the flagship cable from Han Sound and it is able to showcase precise bass expression, focused midrange and smooth yet detailed treble. The soundstage provides an open feeling. In addition, it boasts excellent resolution and black background. The Han Sound Venom provides a sublime sonic performance with an exceptionally natural sound that leaves little to be desired.