Sound Analysis


The F300 has moderate sub-bass quantity and it is extended decently. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a more polite approach. The bass decay is on the slower side and the bass texture is rendered in a fairly smooth manner. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the slam is expressed with no signs of aggression. There is a soft punch and impact is not that great. Each bass note is articulated with a smooth hit.


The midrange is presented in a laid-back manner. There is moderate transparency level and the presentation has a fair level of details retrieval. Vocals are expressed with average clarity. The lower midrange has little quantity and male vocals are not bodied. The upper midrange has a little forwardness which contributes to the intimacy level of female vocals. The midrange is relaxing and unoffensive.


The treble is extended moderately and there is no sibilance and harshness. There is a smooth presentation which contributes to fatigue-free listening. The amount of air rendered is moderate and the crisp has average definition. There is a lack of sparkle to inject energy at the top end. The treble expression is soothing to listen to and smoothness is relaxing.


There is natural expansion in its soundstage. The width magnitude is fair and the depth is not too closed-in.

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