Sound Analysis


The North Forest has fair sub-bass quantity with average extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a lighter approach. The rumble is not very deep. The bass decay is acceptable and the articulation is pretty decent. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has moderate quantity and the slam is delivered with little authority. The bass expression has good body but lacks the impact.


The midrange is being presented in a warm and smooth manner. The transparency level is decent. The lower midrange has body and male vocals are expressed rather well without any dryness. The upper midrange is not forward and female vocals take a step back in a relaxing manner. The definition is lacking. The overall midrange is unoffensive and it presents a soothing listen.


The treble is extended decently and there is no sibilance and harshness. The presentation is smooth and it ensures a fatigue-free listen. There is lack of crisp and sparkle. The amount of air rendered is acceptable. The level of details retrieval is average. It has a laid-back nature and there is a relaxing listen.


The North Forest has a natural expansion in its stage and the width magnitude is average. The depth is closed in. When tackling busier tracks, there might be congestion.

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