Sound Analysis


The DX220 has good sub-bass quantity with excellent extension. The sub-bass reproduction on the DX220 is clinical with an impactful rumble. The bass decay is quick and the agility elevates the engagement level. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass has moderate quantity without being too heavy and the slam has great definition. There is a punchy expression. Each bass note is articulated in an incisive manner.


The midrange of the DX220 commands high transparency level with a very detailed showing. Vocals are expressed in a clean and clear manner. The lower midrange has fair quantity and male vocals are expressed with clarity. There are no signs of hollowness or dryness. The upper midrange is boosted well and the forwardness elevates the intimacy level. There is a vibrant and captivating female vocals display. The vocals reproduction is superb.


The treble on the DX220 has excellent extension with an airy feeling. The amount of air rendered creates openness at the top end. The treble has moderate body and the crisp is well defined. There is an injection of sparkle to increase the energy level. The treble expression takes on a lively approach with precise articulation and there is a strong engagement. The presentation is vibrant and clean.


The soundstage on the DX220 expands naturally with excellent width magnitude and the depth is not closed in at all. There is a holographic presentation.

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