Sound Analysis


The No.3 has good sub-bass quantity and it boasts good extension. The bass decay is moderate and the bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass on the No.3 has fair quantity and the slam is delivered well. The punch is tight but on the softer side of things. Each bass note is articulated with moderate precision and the hit takes on a lighter approach. The bass performance is controlled and impact is brought out well without aggression.


The midrange has a musical presentation and vocals are expressed smoothly. There is moderate transparency level. The lower midrange has moderate quantity and male vocals are presented with reduced presence. The upper midrange has greater emphasis which contributes to the conveying of female vocals with additional energy and there is control to prevent them from being overemphasized. The midrange is musical to listen to.


The No.3 has a polite treble presentation and it boasts fair extension. There is moderate crisp and the amount of air rendered is apt. The smooth nature of the treble ensures a fatigue-free listen. There is a lack of sparkle and the definition is acceptable. The treble expression is smooth and relaxing in general although it can be improved with more energy at the top end.


The No.3 expands in a natural manner and the width magnitude is satisfactory to aid in the overall positioning of vocals and instruments. The depth has a moderate amount of space and it is not too closed in.

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