Sound Analysis


The Solaris has good sub-bass quantity and it is able to extend well with a controlled rumble. The sub-bass reproduction is rather nimble which improves the overall impact. The bass decay has pace and the additional agility livens up things. The bass texture is rendered with smoothness. The mid-bass has a fair amount of body and the slam is delivered with a moderate punch that lacks slightly in intent. The overall bass performance is quite balanced without being overemphasized.


The midrange is detailed and smooth. It exhibits good transparency level. Vocals are belted out well without being too aggressive. Emotions are conveyed effectively. The lower midrange has moderate amount of body and male vocals are slightly distant. The upper mids is slightly boosted and it injects energy for a lively female vocals showing. There is vividness with the details being expressed in a controlled manner.


The treble has good extension with no sibilance and harshness. The presentation is clean and the crisp is well-defined. The treble is articulated with precision. The amount of air rendered is great and it provides an open feeling at the top end. The magnitude of the sparkle is apt to create energy but without overdoing it. The treble definition commands a high standard. The treble expression is engaging and it boasts good clarity.


The Solaris has a natural expansion in its soundstage and the width magnitude is immense. Coupled with the excellent depth, there is a holographic feeling on the Solaris. Positioning of vocals and instruments has a high level of precision.

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