Sound Analysis (Both Switches Down)


The Secret Garden 3 has moderate sub-bass quantity and there is great extension. The sub-bass reproduction is clinical and precise. The rumble is slightly lacking. The bass texture is moderately smooth. The bass decay is quick and the injected agility helps to speed up the overall engagement level. The mid-bass has fair quantity with a quick slam but the punch is not very strong. Each bass note is articulated cleanly.


The midrange on the Secret Garden 3 has high transparency level and it takes on a leaner presentation. The vocals are expressed with details well and there is a marginal lack in warmth. The lower midrange has an apt amount of body and male vocals are presented clearly with fair presence. The upper midrange has good definition but female vocals may sound thin at times.


The treble extends well and the presentation is on the brighter side of things. There is some aggression in the expression and the bite can be harsh for some. The amount of air rendered is good and there is an airy feeling. The Secret Garden 3 has a high level of details retrieval and there is some sparkle to liven the treble. The treble on the Secret Garden has defined crisp and the articulation is accurate.


The Secret Garden 3 has moderate naturalness to its soundstage expansion. The width magnitude is good. The depth has an effective amount of space. Positioning of vocals and instruments is precise.


There are 2 switches which provide a total of 4 different sound signatures – balanced, bass, vocals and treble.

  • Balanced (Both Switches Down)
  • Vocals (Both Switches Up)
    • Sweeter midrange with smoothness
  • Bass (Down, Up)
    • Fuller bass with distant vocals
  • Treble (Up, Down)
    • Leaner treble with an airier feeling

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