Sound Analysis


The No.3 Ti has good sub-bass quantity and there is nice extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides an impactful rumble. The mid-bass provides a full-bodied slam and there is a tight punch. There is a good balance of quantity and strength. The bass decay is neither quick nor slow. Each bass note is articulated with weight and impact. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The No.3 Ti is able to deliver a tight and full bass reproduction.


The midrange is musical and there is a tinge of warmth. The transparency level is good and vocals are expressed smoothly. The lower midrange has apt quantity and male vocals are expressed clearly without sounding too thick. The upper midrange is boosted well and it contributes to the presentation of female vocals with higher intimacy level. There is an effective balance of sweetness and energy. The vocals expression is clean and detailed.


The treble is extended well and there is a controlled presentation without feeling aggressive. There is some brightness to inject liveliness to the expression. The amount of air rendered is good and the airiness prevents any dense feeling. The crisp has moderate definition and the body adds smoothness. There is a slight sparkle to liven things up. The treble presentation is enjoyable and engaging without any fatigue due to a nice balance.


The soundstage expands naturally and the width magnitude is good. The The width magnitude is great and the depth offered provides an effective amount of space rendered. There is a holographic feeling.

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