Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass has slightly more quantity and there is better extension. The sub-bass reproduction is able to provide a quicker rumble. The mid-bass has similar body and the slam is expressed with greater tightness. There is a punchier feeling. The bass decay is quicker and the bass texture is rendered with similar smoothness. The extra agility increases the overall engagement level. Each bass note is articulated with more strength.


The midrange has higher transparency level and there is improvement in the clarity. Vocals are more engaging with forwardness. The lower midrange has similar quantity and male vocals benefit with additional presence. The upper midrange is boosted well which contributes to greater emphasis on female vocals being expressed with liveliness. The overall midrange is expressed in a cleaner manner.


The treble extension improves slightly and there is slightly less body. The presentation has an increase in the brightness but still retains control to prevent any signs of aggression. There is an airier feeling with more defined crisp. The sparkle is enhanced. Treble articulation is quite similar. The treble expression is still smooth.


There is a larger expansion in soundstage. The width magnitude increases which provides a more accurate positioning of vocals and instruments. The depth is able to offer a greater amount of space.


The Sapphire is an engaging sounding cable that is made of silver-plated copper. It is able to provide a tighter bass performance, lively midrange and energetic treble. The soundstage experiences a greater expansion. The improvement in overall clarity contributes to a more detailed listen. The Satin Sapphire prides itself in its definition and it is able to deliver a captivating performance.