iBasso DC01 vs Hidizs Sonata HD-D (Pure Sound Mode)

The DC01 has slightly more sub-bass quantity than the Sonata HD-D with greater extension. The sub-bass reproduction on the DC01 provides an impactful rumble. The bass decay on the DC01 is quicker and the injected pace creates a more engaging listen. The bass texture on the DC01 is rendered with additional smoothness. The mid-bass on the Sonata HD-D has more body and the slam is delivered with a weighted feeling. The iBasso DC01 has a tighter and punchier expression. Each bass note on the DC01 is articulated in an incisive manner. The midrange on the DC01 has higher transparency level than the Sonata HD-D with a detailed showing. Vocals on the DC01 have better clarity and there is more engagement. The DC01 conveys musicality well. The lower midrange on the DC01 has slightly less body than the Sonata HD-D and male vocals are expressed more clearly with extra presence. The upper midrange on the DC01 is more forward and the boost contributes to a livelier female vocals showing. In the treble section, the DC01 has greater extension than the Sonata HD-D. There is an airier feeling on the DC01. The crisp has more definition on the DC01. The additional sparkle on the DC01 creates a livelier listen. The treble expression on the DC01 is open and detailed. For the soundstage, the DC01 expands more naturally with greater width magnitude. The depth on the DC01 is less closed in. There is a fuller expression on the DC01.


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