Sound Analysis


The ME100 has good sub-bass quantity with moderate extension. The sub-bass reproduction is agile and there is impact. The mid-bass is on the lighter side of things and the slam is presented in a punchy manner. The bass decay on the ME100 is quick and it contributes to the overall engagement level. The bass texture is rendered with moderate smoothness. The rumble on the ME100 is natural and engaging. The bass expression is clean and swift.


The midrange on the ME100 has a slight tinge of warmth and the transparency level is moderate. The vocals reproduction has vibrance with a leaner presentation. The lower midrange is clear with moderate body and male vocals may sound thin at times. The upper midrange has a little boost which contributes to an engaging female vocals display. The details retrieval is at a moderate level. There is a vibrant midrange with fair intimacy.


The treble is extended moderately with no sibilance and harshness. The ME100 showcases clarity well and there is an open presentation. The amount of air rendered provides the necessary airiness. There is slight sparkle to spice up the top end. The expression is rather energetic without no signs of it being dense. The treble has good definition and it is engaging.


The ME100 expands quite naturally for the soundstage with moderate width magnitude. The depth is slightly closed in. There is an intimate feeling.

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