Sound Analysis


The FIBAE 4 has good sub-bass quantity and it is extended well with depth. The sub-bass reproduction is full-bodied and there is a nice weighted rumble that contributes to the overall impact. There is a tight and controlled presentation. The bass decay is still quick and the agility creates an engaging listen. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner effortlessly. The mid-bass has substantial body and the slam is executed with a good punch. Each bass note is articulated with fullness and authority which delivers a satisfying listen. The bass expression is bold and punchy.


The midrange is presented in a buttery smooth and full-bodied manner. The tinge of warmth contributes to a soothing midrange expression. Vocals reproduction is detailed and controlled. The lower midrange has good quantity and male vocals are expressed with lushness but with reduced presence. The upper midrange has little forwardness and there is a controlled female vocals display. The midrange performance boasts great musicality and definition.


The treble has good extension with no sibilance and harshness. The treble has nice body and there is a controlled presentation . The crisp has moderate definition and there is little sparkle. There is an effective amount of air rendered. The treble expression is smooth which results in a relaxing fatigue-free listen. The execution of the treble showcases the overall finesse well.


The FIBAE 4 has a natural expansion for its soundstage. The width has good magnitude. The depth is not closed in at all with an effective amount of space rendered. There is fullness that creates an enveloping feeling.

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