Sound Analysis


The My Love III has good sub-bass quantity with moderate extension. The sub-bass reproduction is controlled and it takes on a fuller approach. The bass decay is on the slower side of things. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass has fair amount of body and the slam is delivered with moderate punch. Each bass note is articulated with weight and moderate impact. The My Love III showcases a smooth bass expression.


The midrange has moderate transparency level and details retrieval. Vocals are expressed in a soothing manner. There is a lush and pleasant expression. The lower midrange has apt quantity and male vocals are expressed in a relaxing way. The upper midrange has decent forwardness and female vocals are still present but with low energy level. There is a relaxing and enjoyable vocals performance.


The treble is extended moderately with a smooth presentation. There is no sibilance and harshness. The treble expression takes on a bodied expression which provides a fatigue-free listen. The amount of air rendered is sufficient to reduce congestion. The crisp has moderate definition and there is no sparkle. There is a laid-back expression which provides a controlled and unoffensive listen.


The stage expands quite naturally. The width magnitude is decent while there is an effective amount of depth.

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