Sound Analysis


The DK-4001 has great sub-bass quantity and there is good extension with depth. The sub-bass reproduction provides a natural rumble which contributes to the overall impact. The bass decay is quick with a high level of agility. The bass texture is rendered with smoothness. The mid-bass has good quantity and the slam is delivered in a punchy manner. Each bass note is articulated with precision and incisiveness. The bass performance is outstanding.


The midrange is rendered in a clean and detailed manner with a tinge of warmth. Vocals are expressed with a fair amount of body and there is a strong focus albeit with reduced presence. The lower midrange has moderate quantity and male vocals are presented well without sounding thick. The upper midrange has a slight boost and there is a moderate intimacy level for female vocals. There is a smooth and effortless vocals reproduction.


The treble has excellent extension with accurate articulation. There is a detailed and controlled presentation which provides a natural listen. The crisp has a high level of definition and there is sparkle to inject energy. There is a good balance of body and presence. The amount of air rendered ensures there is space at the top end. The DK-4001 is able to showcase its finesse well with a commanding treble expression that is exciting yet controlled with no sibilance and harshness.


The DK-4001 has a natural expansion for its soundstage. The width magnitude provides an expansive expression. The depth is not closed in at all with an effective amount of space. Positioning of vocals and instruments has a high level of precision.

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