Sound Analysis (Balanced Mode)


The TSMR-4 Pro has good amount of sub-bass quantity and it is extended well. The sub-bass reproduction is expressed in an agile manner with an impactful rumble. The bass decay is on the quicker side of things with good agility. The bass texture is rendered with smoothness. The mid-bass has fair body and the slam is executed in a swift manner without any signs of denseness. There is a tight and punchy bass expression.


The midrange of the TSMR-4 Pro is expressed well in a clean and detailed approach. The vocals on the TSMR-4 Pro are lively and clarity is showcased well. The lower midrangeĀ  is clear and male vocals are conveyed in a lean manner with reduced presence. The upper midrange is engaging and the added emphasis contributes to a competent female vocals display with a good balance of forwardness and control. There is a captivating vocals performance.


The treble is extended well with a articulate and clear presentation. There is an airy feeling which gives a light feeling at the top end. The treble has an apt amount of body and the expression has well-defined crisp. The sparkle helps to provide the vibrancy. There is a controlled and energetic treble expression for a fatigue-free listen.


The TSMR-4 Pro expands naturally with good width magnitude. The depth provides an effective amount of space rendered. There is a spacious feeling.


There are 3 switches for lows, mids and highs which provides a total of 7 different sound signatures.

3 main modes:

  • Bass (Up, Down, Down)
  • Balanced (Down, Up, Down)
  • Treble (Down, Down, Up)

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