Sound Analysis


The S8 Freedom has good sub-bass quantity with excellent extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a clinical manner with agility. The bass texture has moderate smoothness. The bass decay is quick and it helps to contribute to the overall pace.  The mid-bass has fair amount of body and the slam is executed in a punchy manner. Each bass note is articulated with precision and impact.


The midrange on the S8 Freedom is presented with details and there is a high transparency level. There is a lively presentation and vocals are expressed cleanly. The lower midrange has a lean expression and male vocals are presented with reduced presence. The upper midrange is boosted well and female vocals shine with liveliness. There is a high level of definition.


The treble has a bright presentation and it commands excellent extension. The clarity is showcased well and there is precise articulation. There is an airy feeling with a light presentation at the top end. The S8 Freedom has an exciting expression and the energy creates a captivating listen. The sparkle adds to the overall vibrancy. There is a strong engagement level.


There is a natural expansion in the soundstage with excellent width magnitude. The depth rendered is great. Positioning of vocals and instruments has a high level of precision. There is an open presentation.

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