Sound Analysis (ON + KE [High Resolution])


The DT6 has moderate sub-bass quantity and the extension is good. The sub-bass reproduction is agile and the rumble is expressed well. The bass decay is quick and the agility elevates the engagement level. Bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass has a fair quantity and the slam is presented tightly. Each bass note is articulated with precision and there is a controlled expression.


The midrange is expressed well with details and there is great transparency level. The DT6 renders vocals cleanly in an effortless manner. The lower midrange has moderate quantity and male vocals are presented well with presence. There are no signs of dryness or hollowness. The upper midrange is slightly forward and there is a smooth female vocals performance. The DT6 has a detailed and controlled midrange.


The treble extends well and there is a controlled presentation with no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is great and it creates space at the top end. The treble has moderate body and the articulation has good precision. The crisp is well-defined with sparkle lacking slightly. There is a smooth and extended treble expression which provides a light listen.


The DT6 expands quite naturally in its soundstage. The width magnitude is good which results in an accurate positioning of vocals and instruments. The depth provides a good amount of space. There is an open feeling overall.


There are 2 switches which provides a total of 4 different sound signatures.

  • ON+ KE (High Resolution)
  • ON + 2 (ACG)
  • 1 + 2 (Equalization)
  • 1+ KE (Pop)

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