Sound Analysis


The HE100 has fair sub-bass quantity with modest extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides a nice natural rumble that is enjoyable to listen to. The depth is slightly lacking. The bass decay is great. The bass texture is rendered with good smoothness. The mid-bass has good amount of body without sounding too heavy. The slam is presented with decent punch. Each bass note is articulated in a fairly tight manner.


The midrange is being presented in a clean and pleasant approach. The transparency level is moderate and vocals are expressed in an unoffensive manner. The lower midrange has body and male vocals are rendered well without any hollowness. The upper midrange is forward and female vocals are displayed with intimacy. There is a musical midrange performance.


The treble is extended moderately with no sibilance and harshness. There is a fairly airy feeling at the top end. The crisp is defined well and there is an apt amount of sparkle. The treble expression is controlled which provides a light and enjoyable feeling. There is a good balance.


The HE100 has a natural expansion in its stage and the width magnitude is good. The depth is slightly less closed in. The open feeling is reasonable.

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