Sound Analysis


The R210 has an apt amount of sub-bass and there is moderate extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides a nice rumble with decent impact. The bass decay is fair with an effective level of speed. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass has body and the slam is expressed with a weighted feeling  There is a moderate punch. Each bass note is articulated with a controlled hit.


The midrange of the R210 is expressed in a smooth and laid-back manner with moderate transparency level. Vocals are presented with body and there is a lush feeling. The lower midrange has good quantity and male vocals are rendered smoothly. The upper midrange has little forwardness and it results in a soothing female vocals display instead. The midrange is relaxing with reduced presence and there is an enjoyable listen.


The treble has moderate extension and there is a smooth presentation. There is a controlled expression. The crisp is defined well with slight lack of sparkle. The treble body is good and there are no signs of it being on the thin side. The amount of air rendered is adequate. There is an unoffensive treble display.


The R210 has natural expansion in its soundstage. The width magnitude is moderate. The depth has a fair amount of space rendered. There is an intimate feeling overall.

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