Akoustyx R210 vs Akoustyx R220

The R220 has similar sub-bass quantity as the R210 and there is slightly better extension on the R220. The sub-bass reproduction on the R220 takes on a more agile manner than the R210. The bass decay is quicker on the R220 and it contributes to a higher engagement level. The bass texture rendered on the R210 is slightly smoother. The mid-bass of the R210 has more body than the R220 which provides a weighted feeling but the slam on the R220 is executed in a tighter manner. The midrange on the R220 is presented in a more vivid manner with a clearer expression. Vocals on the R220 are expressed with a higher level of details retrieval. The lower midrange on the R210 takes on a lusher approach but with reduced clarity. The upper midrange on the R220 has additional forwardness and it creates a livelier female vocals performance. The R220 has an engaging and clean midrange. In the treble section, the R220 has greater extension with accurate articulation. The R210 has more body with a smoother expression. The amount of air rendered on the R220 is greater and there is an airier feeling at the top end. Treble presentation on the R220 has more sparkle and it contributes to the overall vibrancy. In terms of soundstage, the R220 expands in a natural manner with greater width magnitude. The depth on the R220 is less closed in. There is a more spacious feeling on the R220.

Akoustyx R210 vs Final E4000

The E4000 has more sub-bass quantity than the R210 and it commands greater extension. The sub-bass reproduction from the E4000 provides a fuller rumble. The mid-bass on the E4000 has greater body and the slam is not as agile as the R210. The R210 exhibits a more punchy expression. The bass decay on the R210 is quicker with more agility. The bass texture on the E4000 is rendered slightly smoother. Each bass note on the R210 is articulated with a higher level of precision. The midrange of the R210 has higher transparency level than the E4000 with a clearer presentation. The lower midrange of the E4000 has slightly more quantity than the R210 and male vocals are expressed with reduced clarity. The upper midrange on the R210 is boosted and the additional emphasis creates a vivid female vocals display. The R210 has the edge with better details retrieval and vocals are more present. Next, for the treble section, the R210 boasts greater extension. The crisp on the R210 has a higher level of definition and articulation is more accurate. There is more sparkle on the R210. There is an airier feeling on the R210. The R210 displays more energy at the top end which contributes to a higher engagement level. Lastly, there is a natural expansion for both while the width on the R210 has greater magnitude. The E4000 renders more depth. The R210 provides a more spacious feeling.

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