Sound Analysis


The DK-3001 Pro has a fair amount of sub-bass quantity with moderate extension. The sub-bass reproduction takes on a lighter approach and there is a natural rumble. The bass decay is quick and the agility elevates the engagement level. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass is on the lighter side of things and the slam is delivered in a punchy manner. Each bass note is articulated with a controlled hit.


The midrange is expressed with presence with a high level of musicality. There is a controlled and intimate presentation. The lower midrange has good quantity with no signs of hollow feeling and male vocals are expressed well with body.  The upper midrange is boosted well and the forwardness results in an appealing female vocals performance. The vocals display is smooth and engaging.


The treble has good extension with no sibilance and harshness. There is a smooth presentation which creates an enjoyable listen. The amount of air rendered is good. The crisp is defined well with some sparkle for extra liveliness. There is a smooth and controlled treble expression.


The stage has a natural expansion with moderate width magnitude. The depth is rendered well and it is not closed in.

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