DAP Build & Design

The R3 Pro has a rectangular design and the body is made of aluminum. This is the black variant of R3 Pro. On the front, there is the touchscreen. At the left side, there are volume up/down buttons. At the right side, there are switch on/off button, play/pause button, back and next buttons. At the top of the R3 Pro, there are 3.5mm standard headphone output jack and 2.5 mm balanced headphone output jack. At the bottom of the R3 Pro, there are Micro SD slot and USB Type C port. The back of the R3 Pro sports the brand logo and some specifications.

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The HiBy R3 Pro has the MageSound 8-ball tuner where one can change the temperature, bass extension, bass texture, note thickness, vocals, female overtones, sibilance, impulse response and air. Furthermore, there are 10 sections of EQ with 8 presets (Pop, Blues, Classic, Jazz, Rock, Dance, Metal & Voice) and 1 custom preset. Lastly, it can be used as a standalone digital analogue converter (DAC) and supports line out (3.5mm & 2.5mm), Bluetooth 5.0 bi-directional transmission (UAT, LDAC, AAC, SBC, aptX), 2.4G/5G dual band Wi-Fi, DLNA, AirPlay and HiBy Link. More detailed information can be found under the Specifications section.

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