Sound Analysis


The Q1 has good sub-bass quantity and it is capable of extending well. The sub-bass reproduction is impactful and the rumble is able to create a satisfying listen. The bass decay is quick and it creates an agile expression. The bass texture is rendered in a fairly smooth manner. The mid-bass has an apt amount of body and the slam is presented with a punchy feeling. Each bass note on the Q1 is articulated well with finesse and impact.


The midrange is rendered cleanly and there is good transparency level. Vocals are expressed with additional presence and the clarity produces a detailed expression. The lower midrange has fair quantity and male vocals have a slightly lean expression without any hollowness. The upper midrange has greater emphasis and there is an intimate female vocals display. The midrange is clean and engaging which makes vocals a delight to listen to.


The treble has a vivid presentation and it is extended well with no sibilance and harshness. There is a controlled and articulate treble display which guarantees an exciting listen with no aggression. The amount of air rendered is good and it helps to provide an airy feeling. The crisp is defined well and there is a touch of sparkle to liven the overall sound. There is right amount of energy present and it is appealing.


The stage expands quite naturally. There is good width magnitude and there is an open feeling with no signs of congestion. The depth rendered is not closed in at all.

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