Hidizs S8 vs Hidizs Sonata HD-D (Pure Sound Mode)

The S8 has slightly more sub-bass quantity than the Sonata HD-D and it is able to extend better. The sub-bass reproduction on the S8 is more impactful with a swift rumble. The bass decay on the S8 is slightly more agile. The bass texture on the S8 is rendered more smoothly. The mid-bass on the Sonata HD-D has a little more quantity and the slam is executed with a denser feeling. Each bass note on the S8 is articulated with a stronger hit. The midrange of the S8 has better musicality and vocals are belted in a smoother manner than Sonata HD-D. There is a more controlled and detailed display on the S8. The lower mids on the S8 has more quantity and male vocals are presented well with body. Emotions are conveyed effectively. The upper midrange on the Sonata HD-D is a little more forward which creates a livelier listen but female vocals are presented with higher level of finesse on the S8. The midrange on the S8 is enjoyable to listen to. Next, in the treble section, the S8 is able to extend better than the Sontata HD-D and there is a greater amount of air rendered. The crisp on the S8 has better definition. Treble articulation on the S8 is more precise. There is a more open and detailed feeling on the S8. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, there is a more natural expansion on the S8. The width magnitude is greater on the S8 and the depth of the Sontata HD-D is more closed in. There is a more open feeling on the S8.

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