Sound Analysis


The FIBAE 7 has good sub-bass quantity and it boasts excellent extension. The sub-bass reproduction is full and the presentation is controlled. The bass decay is quick and there is a very engaging expression. The bass texture is rendered in a smooth manner. The mid-bass has an apt amount of body and the slam is delivered with a punchy feeling. Each bass note on the FIBAE 7 is articulated with nice balance of weight and impact. There is a satisfying listen.


The midrange has a tinge of warmth and there is good transparency level. There is great clarity and details are presented well . Vocals have body and emotions are conveyed effectively. The lower midrange has fair quantity and male vocals are expressed well. The upper midrange is where the FIBAE 7 stands out the most and there is great emphasis. Female vocals are forward and there is high energy level. There is a smooth and exciting midrange performance.


The treble has good extension and the presentation is smooth with no sibilance and harshness. The expression takes on a more bodied approach to create a fatigue-free listen. The amount of air rendered provides an open top end . The crisp is well-defined and details are presented very naturally. There is a mature treble showing which provides a captivating and controlled listen.


The stage expands quite naturally. The width magnitude is good and there is a great amount of depth rendered. There is an enveloping feeling.

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