Sound Analysis


The Rai Solo has moderate sub-bass quantity and there is good extension. The sub-bass reproduction is expressed with nice rumble and impact is brought out well. The bass decay is quick and there is an agile presentation. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has fair body and the slam is delivered well. There is a tight and punchy presentation. Each bass note is articulated with definition.


The midrange of the Rai Solo is presented with good clarity albeit with slightly reduced presence. Vocals are belted out in a clean manner and there is good transparency level. The lower midrange has moderate quantity and male vocals are presented in a leaner manner but with good clarity. The upper midrange has some forwardness and female vocals are still upfront but with lower intimacy level. There is a detailed display.


The treble is extended well and it boasts a high level of details retrieval. The amount of air rendered is good and there is an airy feeling. There is well-defined crisp and articulate is precise. The amount of sparkle is apt which injects some energy at the top end. The treble expression is controlled and clean.


The Rai Solo has a natural soundstage expansion. The width magnitude is fair and the depth is able to render a good amount of space.

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