Dunu DK-2001 vs Shanling ME500 Platinum Edition

The DK-2001 has more sub-bass quantity than the ME500 and it is able to express its rumble well. The DK-2001 has a fuller low end. The bass decay on the ME500 is quicker than the DK-2001 and there is a higher engagement level. The bass texture on the DK-2001 is rendered in a smoother manner. The mid-bass on the DK-2001 has more body and the slam is delivered with extra punch. Each bass note on the DK-2001 is articulated with greater impact. The midrange on the ME500 has a leaner presentation than the DK-2001 with better clarity. The DK-2001 is able to present vocals in a smoother manner and there is a lusher display. The lower midrange on the DK-2001 has slightly more body than the ME500 and male vocals are presented well with emotions. The upper midrange on the DK-2001 has a little more boost and the emphasis provides a present female vocals expression. For the treble, the extension on both is quite similar. The expression on the ME500 is brighter which contributes to a more energetic top end. There is greater amount of air rendered on the DK-2001. The extra sparkle on the ME500 contributes to a livelier treble expression. The DK-2001 is smoother with more body while the ME500 takes on a crispier approach. Lastly, in terms of soundstage, the expansion on both is natural. The width magnitude on the DK-2001 is slightly greater and the depth on the DK-2001 is a little more closed in.

Dunu DK-2001 vs iBasso IT03

The IT03 has more sub-bass quantity than the DK-2001 and it commands greater extension. The sub-bass reproduction from the IT03 provides a fuller rumble. The mid-bass on the DK-2001 has greater body and there is a fuller slam. The presentation on both is punchy. The bass decay on the IT03 is slightly quicker with more agility. The bass texture on both is rendered in a smooth manner. Each bass note on the DK-2001 is articulated well and there is a robust hit. The midrange of the DK-2001 has higher transparency level than the IT03 with a more exciting presentation. The lower midrange of the IT03 has slightly more body than the DK-2001 and male vocals are expressed lushly albeit with reduced presence. The upper midrange on the DK-2001 has extra boost and the emphasis creates a more intimate female vocals display. The DK-2001 has more upfront vocals while IT03 takes on a more laid-back approach. Next, for the treble section, the DK-2001 has slightly better extension. The DK-2001 has more body which results in a smoother presentation. The crisp on the IT03 is a little more defined and the sparkle is apparent. The articulation on both is accurate. There is an airier feeling on the IT03. The IT03 displays more energy which contributes to a vivid top end. Lastly, there is a natural expansion for both while the width on the IT03 has greater magnitude. The DK-2001 renders more depth.


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