Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass quantity increases slightly and there is better extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides a stronger rumble and impact is brought out well. The additional depth creates a fuller feeling at the low end. The bass decay is quicker while the bass texture is rendered in a smoother manner. The mid-bass has similar body and the slam is being delivered with extra finesse. There is an authoritative yet controlled hit. Each bass note is defined and it is articulated with a higher level of incisiveness. There is an increase in tightness and the bass expression is spot on.


The midrange experiences higher transparency level and vocals are being presented in a clean manner with good clarity. There is more fullness which improves the vocals expression. The Agni II hits the sweet spot with a perfect balance of smoothness and clarity. The lower midrange has slightly more body and male vocals are expressed well with emotions. The upper midrange has greater emphasis and the forwardness improves the intimacy of female vocals. The midrange is more present with a clear and controlled showing.


The treble has better extension with a smooth presentation. There is a greater amount of air rendered which provides an open feeling. The sparkle is maintained with more defined crisp. The articulation has higher level of accuracy. There is good finesse and the treble creates a detailed listen. There is an effective level of liveliness with excellent control.


The soundstage expands in a natural manner with an enveloping feeling. There is greater width magnitude. The depth increases and it is less closed in. There is a more holographic presentation.


The Agni II is a musical sounding cable that is able to provide fuller yet extended bass , clearer midrange and airier treble. There is a spacious presentation with greater width and depth. It has the ability to refine all aspects for a clean, controlled and complete sound. The Han Sound Agni II is an excellent successor to the Agni with its fantastic all-round display.

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