Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


There is an increase in the sub-bass quantity. The sub-bass reproduction commands greater extension. The rumble is presented naturally and it creates an engaging experience. There is nice depth. The bass decay maintains the speed well. The bass texture is rendered in a smoother manner. The mid-bass has a little more body and the slam is expressed with fullness. There is a tight and clean presentation. Each bass note is articulated with more impact.


The midrange is imbued with a slight tinge of warmth and vocals are belted out in a smooth manner. The details retrieval is elevated. There is a fuller body and there is an organic presentation. The lower midrange is a little thicker and male vocals are expressed well with lushness. The upper midrange is slightly more forward and female vocals are presented in an intimate manner. The midrange is smooth and organic with good body.


The treble has slightly greater extension. The amount of air rendered increases and it results in a more open top end. There is a touch more sparkle. The treble expression has more body. The presentation is smooth and enjoyable without compromising on the crisp and brightness. There is no sibilance and harshness. The No.10 presents a nice balance here.


There is a natural soundstage expansion. The width magnitude increases and the depth is quite similar. The No.10 provides a more spacious feeling.


The No.10 is a rich sounding cable that is able to provide fuller bass, organic midrange and controlled treble. The presentation is smooth and bodied. There is a great balance overall. In addition, the No.10 has great build quality and it is supple. The PW No.10 is a superb cable with its all-rounder display and it definitely commemorates PW’s 10th anniversary with aplomb.

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