Sound Analysis (Red Module)


The X-One has good sub-bass quantity and the extension is commendable. The sub-bass reproduction is able to provide a nice rumble. The bass decay is quick and it helps to elevate the overall agility. The bass texture is rendered smoothly. The mid-bass has a fair amount of body and the slam is delivered with a tight punch. Each bass note is articulated well with intent.


The midrange boasts great transparency level and there is good details retrieval. Vocals take on a leaner presentation. There is a clean and detailed expression. The lower midrange has moderate quantity and male vocals are expressed clearly albeit with reduced body. The upper midrange has a nice emphasis and female vocals are expressed in an energetic manner. The X-One delivers a focused midrange.


The treble is extended well with no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is great and there is an open top end. There is a crisp treble presentation with a fair amount of body. The definition is good and treble articulation is precise. There is a nice amount of sparkle to inject energy at the top end and it helps to create a lively feeling.


The X-One has a natural soundstage expansion with good width magnitude. There is an effective level of depth rendered.


There are 3 interchangeable modules in total – blue, black & red. The blue module has a fuller lower end, the black module has a more balanced sound and the red module has more treble presence.

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