iBasso is a Chinese brand that is known for their digital audio players (DAPs). Their latest DAP release is the DX220 Max. I would like to thank iBasso for providing the DX200 Max as a review unit. The DX220 Max can be purchased from iBasso.


  • OS: Android 8.1
  • DAC: Dual SABRE ES9028PRO
  • Output Ports: 4.4BAL, 3.5PO, 4.4LO, SPDIF, USB output
  • Screen: 5.0″ IPS full screen (1080*1920), with On Cell capacitive touch panel
  • Front Screen & Rear Panel: Corning Glass
  • CPU: Octa Core
  • RAM: 4GB LPDDR3.
  • Wi-Fi: 5G
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery:
    4400mAh 3.8V Li-Polymer battery for the digital section
    4pcs 900mAh Li-polymer battery form the +/-8.4V battery pack for the analog section.
  • Micro-SD: SDXC, SDHC
  • Internal Memory: 128GB
  • Quick Charge for Digital Section: QC3.0, PD2.0, MTK PE Plus
  • Audio Formats Supported: MQA, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, OGG, MP3, DFF, DSF and DXD. (Supports up to 32bit/384kHz PCM, and native DSD up to 512x when be used as a USB-DAC)
  • Digital Section Charging: 2 hours
  • Analog Section Charging: 2.5 hours
  • Size: 145mm*86mm*27mm
  • Average Play Time: 14 hours (The play time varies with different resolutions and heaphone/IEM loads.)

4.4mm Headphone Output

  • Output Voltage:
    8.8VRMS (-108dB, 0.0004% , no load)
    8.7VRMS (-107dB, 0.00045% @300ohm)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz–40KHZ (-0.2dB)
  • S/N: 125dB
  • Dynamic Range: -125dB
  • THD+N:
    -114dB (0.0002%) (3VRMS, DAC132, no load),
    -113.5dB (0.00021%) (3VRMS, @300ohm)
    -101.5dB (0.00084%) (3VRMS, @32ohm)
  • Crosstalk: -119dB

3.5mm Headphone Output

  • Output Voltage:
    4.4VRMS (-105.5dB, 0.00053%, no load)
    4.35VRMS (-104dB, 0.00063% @300ohm)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz–40KHZ (-0.2dB)
  • S/N: 122dB
  • Dynamic Range: -122dB
  • THD+N:
    -114dB (0.0002%) (2.5VRMS, no load, DAC140)
    -112dB (0.00025%) (2.5VRMS, @300ohm)
    -97dB (0.0014%) (2.5VRMS, @32ohm)
  • Crosstalk: -118dB Line Out

  • Output Voltage: 4.4VRMS (-112dB, 0.00025%, no load)
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz–40KHZ (-0.2dB)
  • S/N: 125dB
  • Dynamic Range: -125.8dB
  • THD+N: -115.4dB (0.00017%) (2.6VRMS, DAC141)
  • Crosstalk: -115dB

Unboxing & Accessories

The DX220 Max comes in a grey package inside a black box. The package sports the brand logo. After opening the package, there are DX220 Max, leather case, coaxial cable, balanced burn-in cable, 4.4mm balanced to 3.5mm single ended cable, CA02 2.5mm balanced to 4.4mm balanced adapter, AC adapter (18V), USB-C cable, screen protector, quick start guide and warranty guide.

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