Sound Analysis (Compared to Stock Cable)


The sub-bass experiences an increase in the quantity. There is great improvement in the extension. The sub-bass reproduction provides a fuller rumble and agility is not compromised. There is excellent depth. The bass decay is slightly quicker. There is smoother bass texture. The mid-bass has more body and the slam is expressed tightly with a nice punch. There is a controlled bass expression. Each bass note is articulated with a right amount of weight and definition. The impact is brought out well.


The midrange has more fullness and there is an increase in clarity. Vocals are presented in a richer manner. There is additional forwardness which contributes to a more upfront midrange. The lower midrange has a touch more body and male vocals are conveyed well with emotions. The upper midrange has greater emphasis which contributes to an intimate female vocals display. There is a musical midrange that has a perfect balance of details and lushness.


The treble has a touch more extension and there is a controlled expression. The Palladium Plated Hybrid excels in ensuring a smooth treble performance without compromising on the engagement level. There is no sibilance and harshness. The amount of air rendered is quite similar. There is more sparkle present and details retrieval is excellent. The refinement contributes to an ideal balance of body and excitement. Treble expression is clean and there is very good articulation. This is a masterclass treble display.


The soundstage expands naturally with excellent width. The improvement of width is definitely Palladium Plated Hybrid’s forte. The amount of depth increases too. There is a holographic presentation and it is nothing short of phenomenal.

Comparisons: Tri-Silver & Tri Copper

The Palladium Plated Hybrid is more balanced sounding than both the Tri-Silver and Tri-Copper. Compared to the Tri-Silver, the Palladium Plated Hybrid has smoother bass, more forward midrange and more controlled treble. Compared to the Tri-Copper, the Palladium Plated Hybrid has more defined bass, more transparent midrange and sparklier treble.


The Palladium Plated Hybrid is a superb sounding cable that is able to provide a tight bass expression with great sub-bass rumble, organic midrange, smooth yet detailed treble. There is a holographic soundstage expansion and the width is outstanding. In addition, the cable is very soft and flexible. The Plussound Exo Palladium Plated Hybrid is a sensational cable from Plussound and it marks Plussound’s 8th anniversary brilliantly.