Sound Analysis


The Ara has moderate sub-bass quantity with great extension. The sub-bass reproduction contributes to an agile display and rumble is presented well with impact. The mid-bass has slightly more body and the slam brings nice punch. The bass decay on the Ara is quick and there is strong engagement. The bass texture is rendered with smoothness. The Ara aims for quality over quantity and it shines with a clean defined bass expression.


The midrange on the Ara has a slight tinge of warmth and there is a soothing expression. The presentation has great focus and vocals are expressed with excellent clarity. The Ara achieves a perfect balance of body and details. The lower midrange has good quantity and male vocals are presented in a smooth manner with a touch of thickness. Emotions are conveyed effectively. The upper midrange has nice forwardness and female vocals are delivered with control. There is a captivating vocals display.


The Ara has excellent treble extension and articulation is very precise. There is a spot-on amount of treble body. The presentation is smooth yet extended with no sibilance and harshness. The Ara commands a high standard of details retrieval. There is an airy feeling. The crisp has good definition and the sparkle adds the finishing touch to the overall treble.


The Ara has a natural soundstage expansion with great width magnitude. There is a good amount of depth rendered. There is accurate positioning of vocals and instruments. It presents an enveloping feeling.

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